Cosmosoft Document Management Solution – cDOCS

    The document management system is can be used to manage company documents in electronic format so that multiple group of people can manage and view the document based on their assigned privileges The drawings, plant operating manuals, training materials etc are the information that can be stored in the centralized document management system

     Cosmosoft document management system is a web based document management application that uses standards and procedures to store information which can be easily view at any point of time. Cosmosoft document management system provides full document management capabilities of the company while maintaining the secrecy and confidentiality of the document


Every user in the document management has certain privileges associated with the document

The following are the user privileges

 1 User can create and upload a document

2 User can view the document

3 User can move the document to the recycle bin

4 User can delete the document permanently


Major Functionalities

1. Manage Document in Folders.
2. Configure Document access previlege.
3. Documet Upload.
4. Document Download.
5. Document Protected View.
6. Document Appreoval Process.
7. Document Upload and Mail Sending.

AMC Options

As a part of support and service we offer Annual Maintenance Contract for our products and projects. Our AMC rates are lower than standard AMC rate charged for similar products in the market . During the AMC period , minor upgrades are offered to the clients free of cost is the major advantage of signing the AMC.