Payroll Processing & Outsourcing

We process payroll of any organization irrespective of the industry verticals. Every month, based on the data inputs given by your HR, payroll will be processed and the relevant reports will be generated through our software. This includes generation of payslip ,salary register, preparation of bank statement , calculation of rates & taxes and filling of all statutory forms like PF,ESI TDS etc., we deploy our solution at your premises so that the customer themselves can take all the reports whenever they are looking for & it is an added advantage we offer compared with other service providers . We also prepare journals that can be imported to your financial accounting system..

Advantages of Payroll Outsourcing to Cosmosoft:

1. Our APPLECART software will be deployed at your site free of cost.
2. No need to invest on the software and worry about software licensing.
3. No need to have a dedicated user to work with the software.
4. We handle your data with utmost care while maintaining the secrecy and confidentiality of the data.
5. MIS reports are generated by APPLECART software.
6. Export of Journal vouchers to your financial accounting system .
7. Changes in Govt. Tax Rules and Regulations are updated free of cost.
8. No cost and free from software maintainance.
9. You are directly getting the Cosmosoft expertise & its service team at your door step for your every month payroll processing.
10. Your entire payroll processing cost will be less than the salary investment of an employee (who also might be a dedicated user, if software is purchased).