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Easily Configurable workflow management
User configurable documents and controls.
Integrated with GST portal.
Integrated with fixed assets.
Document authorization and Control .
Active Directory (AD) / Single sign-on (SSO) .

Streamline your Finance and Inventory

  • Financial accounting
    Financial accounting with Multi currency, GST, TDS and TCS
  • Inventory management
    Multiple Warehouse, FIFO and Moving Average
  • Sales order processing
    Enquiry, Estimate, Sales Order, Packing and Invoicing
  • Purchase order processing
    Purchase intent, Purchase Order, GRN and Inspection
  • Production
    BOM, Work center, Assembly Line and Production Routing
  • GST E-Invoicing
    E-Invoicing And E-WAY Bill Generation
  • Sub Contracting
    Material Issue, Material Return and Billing
  • Fixed Asset
    Asset Purchase, Asset Register, Depreciation Calculation

Item creation based on Item property

  • Item Size Management
    Item standard and Size property definitions
  • Item class Property
    Item Property and class defnitions
  • Item Dimension
    Item dimensions size wise, Volume, weight, Height, Width ..etc
  • Item Account and Tax Setting
    Item Tax definition for GST, TDS and TCS
  • Item Family Creation
    Item Family , Category and Part number creation,

Customer/supplier management

  • Multiple address and GST
    Customer master with multiple billing and shipping address and separate GST
  • Customer grouping and Tax definition
    Tax configuration based on customer type Intra State, Inter state and Foreign Customers
  • Customer wise Order/Invoice configuration
    Customer wise Item Name, Part Number , Rate and Terms.
  • Multi currency support
    Customer wise document currency settings

Sales order processing

  • Enquiry
  • Estimate
    Auto generation of estimate from enquiry
  • Sales Order
    Auto generation of sales order from estimate
  • Packing and Labeling
    Packing into containers and boxes with serial numbering
  • Sales Invoicing
    Customized invoice formatting and Printing
  • Delivery challan

Purchase order processing

  • Intent
    Generation of intent based on Sales Order
  • Purchased Order
    Po generation from intent
  • GRN
    GRN based on PO
  • Goods Inspection
    Goods inspection based on GRN and moving to stores


  • Chart of Accounts
    Configurable chart of accounts with Ledger numbers
  • Receipt and Payment Vouchers
    User can create Receipt and Payment Vouchers with document level security and control
  • Purchase and Sales Voucher
    User can create Purchase and Sales Voucher with document level security and control
  • Referenced Journal Vouchers
    Auto creation of TDS , TCS Journal and Challan creation
  • Referenced Debit Note and Credit Note
    Referenced Debit Note and Credit Note against Purchase and Sales

Fixed assets

  • Asset Register
  • Deprecation chart
  • Asset Purchase
  • Asset Spiting
  • Asset sales

Inventory and Material management

  • Separate warehouse for Stores and Production floor
  • Production floor inventory tracing in stage wise
  • Valuation based FIFO and Moving Average
  • Opening stock entry
  • Physical stock entry and correction

Sub contraction

  • Sub contractor PO
  • Material issue
  • Material return
  • Inventory with sub contractor


  • Machine Master
  • Work center
  • Assembly line
  • Stage wise production
  • Machine parameter monitoring

Benefits of cEnterprise solution

Enterprise is a seamlessly integrated enterprise solution that simplifies and manages the business process across an organisation. This is a fully integrated business application of Financial Accounting, Material Management, Sales Order Processing, Purchase, Production Planning, Production, Human Resource Management, Payroll, Fixed Assets Management, and Costing. All these integrated pieces work together to streamline business processes, maximize efficiency and ensure the decision-driving information is accurate and complete.

cEnterprise integrated data model improves analysis and planning capabilities of an organisation. The direct benefits of cEnterprise solution are reduction of inventory, improved resource utility, faster response time to customer queries and customer satisfaction, improved supplier performance, improved information accuracy and decision-making capability.