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World second largest Payroll installation is running on Cosmosoft Payroll engine

More than 1500 companies configured in single installation

Dynamic formula driven Payroll Computation
User configurable Pay Components and Computation Sequence.
Seamless integration with Biometric Device
The software can integrated with Biometric device from any manufacturer and device models.
Integrated with Employees Self Service (ESS) Application
Employee can view their payslip, Apply for leave, Compensatory off, Overtime, Permission, Travel expense claim, Reimbursement claims, LTA, Work from Home. General service like Stationary request, Conference room booking, Gate Pass, Canteen coupon, Computer allotment and many more.
Authentication and security
Configurable application security control : Active Directory (AD) / Single sign-on (SSO) / Application Login
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cPay HR Modules

  • Payroll
    Allowances, Deductions, Reimbursements,Arrears , PF, ESI, Profession Tax, Labour Welfare fund, Over time , LOP and Tax Computation.
  • Time and Attendance
    Attendance recording, Leave management, permission, over time, Comp off.
  • Appraisal
    Performance appraisal, Competency assessment
  • Recruitment
    Candidate Application tracking, Interview and Assessment, Email communication, Offer letter and Appointment letter .
  • Training
    Skill gap analysis, Training and feed back

Working with the application made essay

  • User configurable wizard
  • User can create wizard for the monthly activity. Once the wizard is created the wizard will navigate the user step by step to perform monthly activates. This will reduce the application learning time and complete ensure that all the monthly data inputted prior to the salary computation .
    Default wizards are created for Initial configuration and Monthly payroll.
  • Micro Screen Architecture and Referencing
  • Large web pages are split into smaller usable sections and can be enabled/disabled based on client requirements. Each micro screen can be called through referencing. This helps the user complete tasks quicker
    In cPay HR solution, Web pages are split into meaningful group and subgroups. All the menu groups are visible in a single screen making it very easy for the user to navigate. In Group screen Nested Doll navigation sidebar and dashboard or bento box model is used.
  • Hyper Buttons
    All the referenced inputs can be entered through the hyper buttons.Master screen can be called from the input screen and came back to the main screen with out loss of information

Monthly payroll run made easy

  • User configurable Wizard
    Monthly working procedures for the payroll computation can be configured in a Wizard. The Wizard guides the user for data input, Processing and Report taking. This eliminate the user training when the payroll user changes

Easy to Customize when salary structure change

  • User configurable Fromulas for computation
    The salary processing and tax computing is as powerful as it is easy to implement and use. Payroll user will be able to easily define the pay components and its computation sequence in simple mathematical formulae, eliminating the need for customization for any future changes in the pay structure. All statutory deductions such as PF, ESI, TDS and accounting of these is kept track in the system.

PF ,ESI , PT and LWF computation changes

  • User configurable PF ,ESI , PT and LWF Formula
    The user can change/ modify the formula for computation of PF ,ESI , PT and LWF( Labor welfare fund). The computation property can be set for a group and is modifiable by the authorised user.

Previous Month Corrections and Supplementary Payments

  • Payments Payment for addition days
  • Deduction for addition days
  • New Joinee Arrears

Instant Report

  • Query builder
    If the user requires an instance report, user can create a query and take the report with filters . This query can be saved for future use. The output is downloaded to an excel file.

Customizable Report

  • Excel Reporter
    Using the excel reporter user can create formatted reports and then download the reports.
  • Report Builder
    Customized report can be built using the repoting tool and attached to the application.

Employee Master

  • Employee personal details
  • Employee Educational details
  • Family details
  • Previous employment details

Computation Engine performance and configurations

  • Multi threaded High speed Computation Engine
    The Computation Engine process thousand of pay slips per minute in a parallel configured environment.
  • Group Computation
    The employees can be divided in to different groups and enable group wise processing of the salary
  • Computation for Selected Employees
    Payroll can processed for selected employees in case of reprocessing required
  • Simulation and correction
    The computation process can be simulated and values can be tracked in each step.