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User definable Depreciation Periods.
Asset Purchase and Sales
Asset Insurance Details and Maintains Service Register.
Multi Currency Support.
Asset Splitting and Asset Partial Sales.
Asset value details.
Keeps track of Asset warranty/AMC
Asset Purchase WIP.
Depreciation Computation as per Companies Act,Income Tax Act, Section 350

Asset Opening Stock

    Provisions to enter Asset Opening Balance with depreciation details
  • In this screen user can enter the existing asset details like purchase date, Purchase value, accumulated depreciation for the asset and depreciation nature.

Asset Purchase

  • • In this screen user can enter the details of asset purchased during the current financial year. The purchase date, Purchase value, depreciation nature, Currency and currency rate are captured in this screen.

Asset Sales

  • In Asset sale screen user can enter the data of sale, sale value. The depreciation will be computed up to the sale date.

Asset Partial Sales

  • This functionality is used sell a part of the asset. The depreciation will be calculated for the full vale until the partial sale date and after that the depreciation will be computed on a reduced value of the asset

Asset Splitting

  • In the asset split screen we can split the asset in to two assets. This functionality is required when we want to sell a part of the item.

Asset value addtion

  • This functionality is used add an item to an existing asset. The new item value will be added to the original asset. The depreciation will be computed based on the new value from date value addition.

Asset Purchase WIP

  • Asset can purchased and keep as work in progress asset. One the asset is put to use, the item can be converted as an asset and the depreciation will be calculated from the date of conversion.